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eyes of a child strategy

Eyes of a Child Strategy

Innocence is something that resides in all of us and it is so UNDER-cherished. I think that is because sometimes we fear innocence looking like gullibility or that we have to protect our image or role. (hmmmm- feeling familiar?) I was at a showroom and I was amazed at how well it was set up and run.…

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italian palace

Sitting in an Italian Palace

I was sitting in an Italian Palace in a state of bliss and thinking about how much flack I had gotten about going on sabbatical. All that hullabaloo was ALL from my dearest CEO friends (and my Dad) who had thought that I was committing myself deep professional harm with the term “sabbatical”. Apparently that translates to…

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rent space in your head

Who is in Your Head?

Best advice I ever got. Don’t let people rent space in your head for free. But how many people have we ALL let into our sacred brainsphere that should not have been there? I bet hundreds. I’m sorta old- so mine may be thousands. I deal in business ideas and math, so I am only a runaway…

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clouds are messy

Clouds are Messy

The bummer of a cloud is that is it easy to get messy in all that fluff. Virtual clouds are full of items that we all drop and forget. A virtual cloud file reminds me of the item my husband fondly calls the “rotter” AKA the freezer. Like long term freezing items placed in the cloud just…

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light bulbs happen everywhere

Light bulbs happen everywhere

Today I met with a business owner who is past start up mode and into LAUNCH mode. He asked me what I thought his next steps should be. “Start asking questions that search for light bulbs” We found he was sitting under one coincidentally and I reminded him that we all do our best thinking in searching…

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Bugs are a business model

Bugs Are a Business Model

Many times I am called on to do crazy math and to help business owners find out “stuff”. This week I had the great pleasure to manage the CPU on tasty bugs. I thought I would share my picture with all of you. Bugs are about .02 cents each if you grow them yourself.

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