Clouds are Messy

clouds are messyThe bummer of a cloud is that is it easy to get messy in all that fluff. Virtual clouds are full of items that we all drop and forget.

A virtual cloud file reminds me of the item my husband fondly calls the “rotter” AKA the freezer. Like long term freezing items placed in the cloud just will not end up well after a few years. To most of us putting files in the cloud is like a magic freezer where all things are stuffed for later but the reality is that few files are sorted and utilized.

Like mystery freezer items- no one wants to guess at mystery data in a cloud.

The bummer of messy cloud management as a CFO is that it is bad wealth management. As a company great ideas are not used as the capital that they should be.

If you are a single person or a company I can tell you from my own life, cleaning out your cloud will inspire you, clean your head of old ideas, and it is just darn good waste management.

I am often inspired or re-inspired by ideas I had set down because they were not ripe. Like the freezer I also find other data sheets that were totally mundane and need to just get to the trash.

A rule of cloud cleaning in a company setting:

The average person has about 30 seconds of cloud review per hour worked or 4 minutes a day.

It is as simple as placing in the task list the concept of asking people to straighten their virtual project desk for about 20 minutes a week, because clouds are messy and freezer burn happens to even the best ideas.