Eyes of a Child Strategy

eyes of a child strategyInnocence is something that resides in all of us and it is so UNDER-cherished. I think that is because sometimes we fear innocence looking like gullibility or that we have to protect our image or role. (hmmmm- feeling familiar?)

I was at a showroom and I was amazed at how well it was set up and run. I went to the woman working and just let her know that I was so impressed with the vibe that they had created and impressed with how great it looked. .

THEN I became the child- I lilted in close and in almost a whisper I dared voice my awe.  “Do you mind is I ask how did you managed to make ALL this magic? It’s really powerful” . My eyes wide with dreamy curiosity.

Her mop of curls jerks towards the well placed lighting and she crushes her hand to her heart in a thunk as if I had sent a blow of Spartacus.. Instantly the largest Atlanta born smile pulsates over her whole being.

Whewwww -She exhales what appears to be a breath that has been held captive for months. “You just spoke directly to me heart” she gasps

Then it unfolded like a magic peace crane.

ALL the details of how long she had worked on the concept, the mishaps, tears, creative cash flow, and the amount of people it took to make this showroom a reality was impressive. I learned a lot about barn wood and bugs, the importance of international friendships. the joys of being able to import from 15 countries by working directly with friends, and how a vision can start with just great adjectives on an artists canvas.  It was inspiring.

Sometimes in business learning we have to reset our minds to become a child and be willing to take IN the wonder of the world so that we can actually interact with it fully! Our innocent child eyes see the world differently. Childlike wonder allows us to feel and be with different details than our grown up business mind does.

I believe we will actually become better mentors, parents, and partners if we use out child eyes as a life strategy more often. Being willing to whisper the curiosity that is in your heart is a tool.

I went into that shop as a person waiting for a table at a next door restaurant that had a 45 minute wait.  Thank the heavens for that wait.  As a CFO I learned a TON, but as a child in an adult world I made a life long friend, and have an experience that is shared with a really talented and creative curly haired pile of sweetness.. I also met a business owner I respect,

What the business owner got was a chance to be SEEN -I mean really seen.

As someone that does financial strategy behind a desk all day long, business accounting cannot and should not stay blind to what a child eyes of wonder can see.

The trick is: Are you willing to be that child?