Robin Spanier

Enough is Enough

“Prosperity is a mindset,” that’s what Robin Spanier will tell you. But it can be a difficult mindset to maintain when facing a series of adversities. After getting out of an abusive marriage, losing a job, raising a child on her own, and filing for bankruptcy, you couldn’t fault Robin for living her life in what would best be described as survival mode.

Survival mode isn’t a conscious choice, of course. It’s a place you often find yourself in when you feel like your wellbeing is at risk. And as unpleasant as this place can be, the negative emotions associated with it can help motivate behavior that will bring you back to a safer space — that is, of course, if you’re able to develop a plan for breaking free. Otherwise, you can get stuck in this place.

That’s where Robin found herself, and one of the reasons why she decided to do something a bit different: work with Mikeworth Consulting. It was at this time when she started to develop a game plan for moving toward a prosperity mindset. After all, enough was enough.

She began to set goals, track her progress, and work with Mickey to stay motivated. She also took steps to improve her physical, emotional, and mental health. Today, she’s a much different person than she was just a few years ago. She was even able to buy herself a home.

Sure, she still meets with Mickey four to five times a year, mostly to hone and modify her goals — and capture a little of that pixie dust Mickey is known for. But Robin is no longer living her life in survival mode. She knows how to release the fear, trust that the universe will provide, and visualize the happy, healthy being within.

What lesson we can all learn from Robin is that there will always be a brighter tomorrow. You’ve just got to find the tools that work for you to attain (and maintain) a prosperity mindset.

Robin Spanier