“Money has one purpose. It’s to buy choices. But you must first understand those choices if you ever hope to recognize their inherent opportunities.”   Mickey Mikeworth

Our consulting services help address your most critical challenges and opportunities for the future: planning, strategy, integration, philanthropy and defined intent.

But we’re not just consultants here. We’re sleuths, tacticians and prosperity-builders, who bring a remarkably deep and functional expertise to resource innovation. We clear a path to attract wealth faster and help maintain sustainable growth. That is to say, we see what others frequently miss.

Though we tailor-make our services, we often work with clients in five main areas:

Our guiding model for personal planning
is that money has one purpose:
to buy choices.
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Our business clients come to us with a common willingness to work with a business model deeply invested in culture.
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Executive Outreach
With our executive outreach clients,
we serve as an independent resource
on strategy.
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We work with nonprofits to
create detailed plans — most of which
involve their financial futures.
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Mickey (as in Mikeworth) speaks on a
variety of topics revolving around
the prosperity mindset.
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At Mikeworth Consulting, we have a persistency factor of 98%, meaning that 98% of our clients were with us the previous year. This doesn’t mean we don’t take on new clients. It’s just a bit more difficult to get time.

Are you ready to embrace a prosperity mindset?

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