Stilly Girl Creations

Creator of Curious Treasures

After more than 18 years in the medical industry, Shelley Sharp decided to call it quits — and not because she didn’t enjoy her career. Shelley loved almost everything about the field. The desire for a change was all in the signs. Shelley just felt like the signs were pointing in a much different direction for her professional life.

It was time for Shelley to take control and align her career path to better match both her goals and her values.

The first step in accomplishing this was to surround herself with more likeminded people — but how exactly? The trick was intent. She began to learn how to be more intentional in not just the people she surrounded herself with but the activities she took part in.

She also started to educate herself on how to continually improve her skills, which, naturally, led her to one of our classes. It was here that Shelley learned of the prosperity mindset. She came to understand how there is “enough” for everybody — enough ideas, enough clients, enough employees, enough money, etc.

She also learned to trust her manifesting skills. Sure, you still need to put in the work, but the universe will provide whatever is meant to happen in your life. You just need to trust that it will eventually find its way to you.

With this in mind, Shelley got to work. She started making jewelry, refurbishing vintage treasures, staging homes, etc. She even found her way to volunteering at a farm sanctuary, where she learned about the practice of ethically-collected feathers — feathers she would then use in her craft.

All of these undertakings eventually led to the conception and formation of Stilly Girl Creations, an all-encompassing brand for her creative endeavors. And these endeavors are still thriving to this day. Recently, Shelley began an organic skincare line under the Stilly Girl name.

If there’s one lesson we can learn from Shelley, it would probably be this: once you learn to focus on what’s important to you, it’s possible to manifest success.

Shelley Sharp