What People Are Saying

Mickey Mikeworth’s leadership has made a significant impact in many Twin Cities communities. Her work with low-income women and children in the inner city schools demonstrates outstanding initiative and inspires others. The KIDS KASH program and the knowledge of creating wealth for the populations mentioned above are powerful in allowing individuals access to information that changes their lives.

I have seen her take an idea on how to help people and then call her “Posse” of people she’s networked with to make it happen! She is very instrumental in creating social capital and having that capital replicate in the community with a positive outcome not only for the individals, but the community as well.

She connects on a personal level with our customers and always imparts knowledge that is relevanat and timely. She also continues to share opportunities for our customers for which she believes they would benefit.

Wanda Walker - Human Services Director

Mickey is in one word... inspirational. She has offered me much advice on my career and inspired me to reach my full potential.

Phil Hallberg - MBA

In working with Mickey I am constantly amazed at her ability to connect people with networks, resources and ideas to generate results. From my first meeting with her I was aware of her dynamic approach to business: giving to others her expertise and support. She supports personal growth and achievement with genuine enthusiasm for those she works with.

Often I've heard people discuss this approach as a value and an ideal, with Mickey it is a genuine trait. She is a very rare gem providing motivation and education to students, peers and professionals. I give her my highest recommendations.

Dawn Manthey - Business Owner

Mickey really practices what she teaches. She is inspiring, enthusiastic and gets the job done. Anyone can tell you how to improve your life but few can move you to next level like Mickey can!

Christine Pigsley - University Professor

Mickey is an amazing, smart, brilliant, kind and caring business woman who has been my mentor in all aspects of my life. She has gotten me through some dark times and has brought me to the other side smiling. If you need someone to work with you, right where you are, and build from there to someplace amazing, Mickey is that person!!!

Pam Martin - Paralegal

WOW!!! If you knew Mickey's story you would be even more impressed with her. As it stands Mickey is a power house motivator and helps people see in themselves what she sees. As a consultant she can walk that fine line between communicating in the board room and talking to the common person on the street. She makes sense. Talk to her you will see what I mean.

Andre Koen - Equity Director

Mickey is generous, big-hearted, intelligent, and a brilliantly creative thinker. She is a big plus to any project in which she participates. She is also a skilled workshop designer, presenter, and facilitator.

Louann Lanning - Analyst

Mickey Mikeworth has dedicated her life to pinning down the unwritten rules every woman needs to know in order to break out of the creepy-crawly race to mediocrity to which we've become accustomed. The material, tools and concepts that Mickey teaches are like Jack's magic bean. You've got to trade in the goat, plant the bean and get ready to climb!

Andrea Bongart - Founder

Mickey has incredible innovative ideas on prosperous living. She takes a comprehensive look at what one has and helps you realize even more.

Linda Stuart - Intercultural Director

The positive, creative and energetic approach that Mickey has for life are the same qualities she puts into her business. Her honesty, experience and kindness are the attributes you need to put your business plan, life plan or financial plan into action. She will help you succeed in your endeavors!

Alyce Johnson - Sr Administrator

Mickey's workshop series provided great, easy to use information that I apply almost daily. The wisdom I gained helps me think about money in a completely different way. She gives real and practical information to folks of every income level. Plus her Buddy Call system helps keep you learning and reminds you how to apply the knowledge.  I highly recommend her!

Roxanne Anderson - Bush Fellow

Mickey Mikeworth, our beloved "Amazon Woman", has inspired me to think creatively and think wide about what I can do for the advancement of women and development of the community. Mickey set a bold example of how a woman can empower other women by creating a sisterhood, building connections, providing a help network and celebrating each other's success. I don't know what impressed me most, her ideas, her leadership, her energy, her power, her loving and caring personality, or her smile. Mickey will continue to be my source of courage in my future journeys.

Mihn Ha Pham Client - Success Manager

Mickey is an all-around wonderful person to know and work with. I've taken a class from Mickey which has opened my eyes to so many news ways of looking at business and have also worked with Mickey on an individual coaching basis. Each time we meet I walk away with great ideas. Mickey's enthusiasm is contagious - you will love working with her!

Desi Creswell - Interior Designer

Mickey has the ability to create community wherever she goes. Whether it is informal networks of like-minded people or formalized educational opportunities in communities in need, Mickey connects people to one another and supports their growth as individuals and as a group.

Jerrit Johnson - Consultant and Trainer

I have been in a group that Mickey founded and I have been very impressed with the importance she has placed in giving back to the community. She has been involved in programs moving individuals out of shelters and into their own place, ensuring they are supported every step of the way. In her community service efforts such as partnering with Crave to serve individuals who are struggling financially Thanksgiving dinner, she takes great care in protecting their dignity and making them feel pampered with no questions asked. Mickey makes community service fun, and has a passion for helping others. It is truly a pleasure to participate in her projects.

Dr Rebecca  Amstutz  - Animal Chiropractic Business owner

Mickey's work with young adults was so creative and she got results from kids that was astonishing! She was able to break down the day-to-day language of economics that students could grasp and apply to their daily lives. Mickey's class was rarely missed by students and her concern and love for them was evident.  It is an honor to recommend Mickey for any job working with young adults!

Tess Tienan - Biology Academy

I have worked with Mickey for several years and am always impressed with three things about her efforts:
1. She is consistently upbeat and optimistic--a contagious asset that helps everyone she comes into contact with work up to their potential. Because of her enthusiasm, people trust her and enjoy working with her.
2. She has more creative ideas than most people I know. Where others see the world in black and white, Mickey sees it in technicolor. But her ideas are more than just new thoughts; they are directed to problem-solving and looking for new ways to accomplish goals.
3. She's one of the most generous people I know. Particularly, in her work with women (and people) of limited means, she has had an immense influence in teaching and encouraging them to become self-sufficient and, in turn, lead others to prosperity and accomplishment.

Colin Nelson - Lawyer

Mickey is an incredibly creative and generous professional who actively looks for opportunities to help in any way she can. Drawing on her vast areas of expertise and capability, that translates to an enormous amount of difference she makes for people. I'd recommend that you take advantage of her abilities in a heartbeat.

Pete Machalek - Communication Consultant

Mickey is a dynamo! She is an endless source of inspiration; an intuitive collaborator; and compassionate leader of a powerful community of prosperity-minded women from diverse backgrounds. Mickey is a champion of "Living Rich" and lives her values and vision every day. Thank you, Mickey, for helping to transform many lives through your tireless work and FUN attitude!

Gail Overstreet - Technical Writer and Freelance E-learning Specialist

Mickey was the Master of Ceremonies for our annual Cheers Dinner. She immediately brought on such a high level of professionalism that we knew we made the right choice.

Going beyond our expectations, Mickey helped us develop the program to maximize impact, and helped us think through the messaging and the flow of the program.

At the event itself she was wonderful. Very engaging, and worked really well with our junior MC. This was the most successful Cheers Dinner we have ever had, and I attribute much of that to Mickey's work. Highly recommended!

Jim Tincher - CCXP  Expert