Who is in Your Head?

rent space in your headBest advice I ever got.

Don’t let people rent space in your head for free.

But how many people have we ALL let into our sacred brainsphere that should not have been there? I bet hundreds. I’m sorta old- so mine may be thousands.

I deal in business ideas and math, so I am only a runaway hit at networking groups and funerals. I have heard a universe of really great ideas that people had zero skills in actually executing.  The fact is the better YOU get at business the more good and bad ideas will float across your desk. Listening to other people’s ideas and responding to those ideas takes time and effort and it can pay off- OR NOT.

Here is the magic- I do know that curiosity will 100% pay dividends in the first 5 minutes. When taking the time to learn about business ideas and random venture ideas it may actually be a time to turn off your business head and turn on your mentor mind. It takes up far less mental space and many times people’s ideas just need a guide or a person who can make ideas function and animate into revenue.

So here is my quick advice, just relax and enjoy the the people and ideas that float across your path and try to learn from the interaction and you will start earning revenue immediately Ask questions that interest you and pay attention to the answers. I have gleaned a bunch of great insight on industry and markets from listening with curiosity. I have also LMAO a bunch.

We all know that giving tons of free advice just uses up a ton of resources and depletes the real thing your mind is supposed to be doing.

Building your universe.

Turn your head out of a rental and into a party a room.